Summer Programs

Graduating from high school in 2020?

Interested in pursuing a degree at Perimeter College at Georgia State University or Clayton State University?

Eager to get a head start?

Achieve Atlanta may have just the opportunity for you. Perimeter College at Georgia State University and Clayton State University both offer special programs that are designed to help you get and stay ahead as you transition to college.

Fall 2020 Bridge Program at Clayton State University

Designed to support students who show great promise academically and have been fully admitted to Clayton State but based on their application profile will be provided with additional student support services. Students will connect with academic support services during their first year on campus to ensure a solid start on their way toward the goal of degree completion. Application deadline: July 15th. Learn more.

Perimeter Academy at Perimeter College at Georgia State University

A three-semester extended learning community, the Perimeter Academy is your opportunity to make the most of your college education. Starting in the summer, the Academy gets you on campus early so you can use invaluable resources, take initiative and develop the skills to have a successful college career right from the beginning. Learn more.


Participating in Perimeter Academy has given me the opportunity to better myself by providing a support system, opening doors to networking, and creating a family atmosphere on campus.

--K. Johnson, Summer Program Participant

I understand that the program  was designed to help us get better scores on the Accuplacer exam. I took the Accuplacer and did well, so yes the program did help. The program impacted me a lot because I really had a hard time with math and writing. It’s really a great program, if I could turn back time when Mr. D. asked me to bring more people I would have.

-- K. Waldon, Summer Program Participant
[The program staff] treat us with respect, and they care about our future. They don’t give up on us even if we give up on ourselves.

-- J. McGhee, Summer Program Participant