A Community Focused on College Success
Because we know students—especially those who are first in their families to attend college—can face a number of barriers completing post-secondary education, we are mobilizing a community of organizations to support students in a holistic way.
Research shows:
Being the first can be difficult
“[Students] from low-income families and families with no parent with a college degree are less likely to earn college degrees. The percentage of these students beginning college immediately after high school is 55% compared with 84% of those from high-income families”.
– Aud et al, 2011
Life as a college student brings unique challenges
“Even for students whose tuition is covered by financial aid, whose academic preparation is exemplary, and who are able to commit themselves full-time to their education, the subtle logistical and psychological sticking points…can have a huge impact on their ability to persist and fully reap the benefits of higher education.”
– ideas42
College advising and coaching work
“[Successful coaching programs] take an active and intrusive approach to advising that includes meeting with students several times per semester, continually tracking student performance and use of services, and checking student progress … [Effective] programs also focus on the ‘whole student’ in the advising process using a case management approach.”
– The Pell Institute
Our Partners
College Access Partners
Our College Access partners deliver hands-on help to students as they chart their paths to college.
College Advising Corps
One goal
College Success Partners
Our College Success partners are colleges, universities, and non-profits that are executing targeted programs to ensure students thrive on campus and graduate.
Spelman College
Atlanta Metropolitan State College
Atlanta Technical College
Oglethorpe university
beyond 12
Clayton State University
One goal
One goal
Supporting Partners
Our Supporting partners have generously provided the resources necessary to launch this effort on behalf of all students educated in Atlanta Public Schools.
Whitehead Foundation
Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta
Atlanta Public Schools
The Zeist Foundation Inc