Our Vision

Atlanta is a city where race and income no longer predict postsecondary success and upward mobility.

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We’re working every day to ensure that more of our students have access to college and succeed once they get there.

Our programs supplement the academic preparation students receive with the financial and social/emotional supports they need. The strategies we pursue are rooted in best practice and focus on what works to produce the best college access and college persistence outcomes.

College Access

Achieve Atlanta and our College Access partners deliver hands-on help to APS students as they chart their paths to college. Through a formal relationship with Atlanta Public Schools, we provide strategic, operational, and financial support, as well as a district-wide college advising program that serves all juniors and seniors.

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College Success

As we work to increase the number of Atlanta Public Schools students graduating from college, we are partnering with postsecondary institutions and college success experts to offer direct support and advising services to students.

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Our Mission

To help Atlanta Public Schools students access, afford, and earn postsecondary credentials.

The Achieve Atlanta Scholarship

The Achieve Atlanta Scholarship is a need-based award designed to support APS students pursuing various postsecondary paths after high school. When combined with other possible sources of financial aid, the Achieve Atlanta Scholarship should greatly reduce the need for students and families to take out high-interest, private loans to pay for school. The Achieve Atlanta Scholarship is an important part of Achieve Atlanta’s broader effort to dramatically increase the number of APS students who earn a postsecondary degree or credential.

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“Thank you so much to the Achieve Atlanta

funders and support team!"

“Thank you so much to the Achieve Atlanta funders and support team!"

Saada, Clark Atlanta University, Class of 2023

Our Values

Unwavering Belief

A steadfast confidence in our students is the inspiration and fuel for everything we do. Their dreams are the foundation for our work.

Champion for Students

We back our belief in students by acknowledging historical inequities, breaking down systemic barriers, earning students’ trust, and building their agency to become their own champions.

Expectation of Excellence

We foster a culture of excellence through consistent effort, tenacity, and integrity, resulting in work we can stand behind. It is the standard we set for ourselves and the example we model for our students and community.

Intentional Collaboration

We cannot achieve our vision alone. We deliberately work together internally and build strategic partnerships externally to identify and accomplish shared goals in changing environments.

Continuous Improvement

We are constantly learning, remaining curious, and reflecting on our systems, processes, and outcomes to meet our mission.  We encourage critical analysis of our work to make thoughtful adjustments, innovate, and take risks to create solutions.