A Community Focused on College Success

Because we know students—especially those who are the first in their families to attend college—may face barriers with completing postsecondary education, we mobilize a community of organizations to support students in a holistic way.

Research tells us about the difficulties, challenges, and ways to get help:

Being the first can be difficult.

“[Students] from low-income families and families with no parent with a college degree are less likely to earn college degrees. The percentage of these students beginning college immediately after high school is 55% compared with 84% of those from high-income families.”

– Aud et al, 2011

Life as a college student brings unique challenges

“Even for students whose tuition is covered by financial aid, whose academic preparation is exemplary, and who are able to commit themselves full-time to their education, the subtle logistical and psychological sticking points…can have a huge impact on their ability to persist and fully reap the benefits of higher education.”

– ideas42

College advising and coaching work

“[Successful coaching programs] take an active and intrusive approach to advising that includes meeting with students several times per semester, continually tracking student performance and use of services, and checking student progress … [Effective] programs also focus on the ‘whole student’ in the advising process using a case management approach.”

– The Pell Institute

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