Scholars, you can find information and FAQ regarding the Scholarship renewal process below.

Renewing my Scholarship

Although the application will remain open for the majority of the spring term, we encourage Scholars to submit their Spring Renewal Application as soon as they have the information needed to complete it. Delayed completion leads to potentially being dropped from courses, late refunds, and budget difficulties. The last day a Spring Renewal Application can be submitted is January 18, 2024 at 11:59 PM, but we advise you to submit as soon as possible.

All Scholars were sent an email with their unique application link. You can also access your Spring Renewal Application by visiting your Scholar Dashboard.

Before contacting us, please make sure you do not see your link in your email inbox or junk/spam mail. If you cannot find your unique link, please reach out to and request your link. Once requested, we will text and email your application link directly to the phone number and email that we have in your Scholar profile.

Course documents are uploaded as you complete your Spring Renewal Application. If your document is invalid (missing required information), you will receive an email specifying the issue with your document. Updated documents should be uploaded to your Scholar Dashboard for resubmission.

To access your personalized Scholar Dashboard, please visit and follow the instructions below:

First Time Users:

  1. Click “Not a member?”, complete the fields using the email associated with your Achieve Atlanta profile, and create a password.
  2. Complete the verification step by accessing the code emailed to you.

Returning Users:

  1. Log in using your username and password.
  2. After logging in, click the “Current Application” tab to track the processing of your application.

We require that all Scholars register full time with a minimum of 12 or more credits. If you have an extenuating circumstance and have your academic advisor’s approval for your part-time enrollment, we ask that you complete an appeal application if you wish to still receive funds for the term. To request an appeal form, please reach out to and explain the reason for your request. 

It depends. If you will have your Spring course schedule before the fall term ends, then we recommend you wait. If registration is taking longer than anticipated or you do not expect to have your full schedule before the fall term ends, we recommend that you still complete the application even if you do not have the required documentation to do so. Scholars who submit their Spring Renewal Application without a schedule will need to upload a document explaining why they do not have one when the spring course is requested in the renewal application.

Yes, if you are on probation and are waiting for Fall grades, please wait until you have your academic information for the Fall term, as you will have to enter your transcript and academic data into the application.

You should be able to access your course schedule by logging into your college/university’s student portal website. A document of this type can typically be found in the registration section in your portal. You might also find your course schedule listed on your unofficial academic transcript; if so, this can be submitted in place of your schedule. If you cannot locate your course schedule or enrollment information on your student portal, we suggest that you reach out to an academic advisor at your institution to receive this information.

We will accept PDF files and pictures/screenshots as valid forms of documentation. We will not accept Word documents. 

Please ensure that your course schedule shows the following: 

  • Your name OR student ID number 
  • School name or logo (if the school’s name is listed in the browser link of a screenshot, that is acceptable)
  • Term name (e.g. “Spring 2021” “Fall 2021”)
  • Credits enrolled (Scholars are required to be enrolled full time in a minimum of 12 credit hours)

Once your check is mailed, you will receive a confirmation email with your check information. We recommend that you forward that confirmation email directly to your college/university’s financial aid and/or student accounts office to inform them of your anticipated aid.

Checks are typically mailed within 14 business days from the time your application is completed (fully reviewed and all documents valid). You will receive a confirmation email when your check has been mailed and another when our bank records show that your check has been deposited by your institution. We are unable to track the location or status of checks that have been mailed but have not yet been deposited. Generally, once a check is issued and mailed, it may take between 2-4 weeks for your college/university to receive, process, and post the amount to your student account. Achieve Atlanta does not have control over this process, so please contact your college/university’s financial aid office for more information.

If you have met all eligibility requirements, you can expect to receive confirmation that your check has been mailed within 14 business days of submitting your completed application. Once your check has been mailed, please allow 2-4 weeks for your school to receive and deposit it. Please wait three to four weeks before contacting Achieve Atlanta to report that your school has not received your check.

Financial aid office staff and representatives should contact our check processing liaison, August Kade, at the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta. August can be reached at or at 404-588-3208. You may also reach out to