The Spring 2023 Emergency Grant Application will close on Friday, May 19, at 4 p.m. Eastern.

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Achieve Atlanta does not administer the emergency grant application or approved emergency grant funds. Please contact our partner, Scholarship America, at 507-931-0426 or if you have questions about the status of submitted emergency grant applications.

What is the Achieve Atlanta Emergency Grant and what can it cover?

The current emergency grant fund will help students cover unexpected financial emergencies that potentially impact a student’s ability to stay enrolled in school.

Please note: we will do our best to support financial emergencies related to students’ most urgent needs, but we may not be able to support all requests.


Am I Eligible?

You are eligible if you meet ALL of the following:

  • You are an Achieve Atlanta Scholar.
  • You have been approved to receive Achieve Atlanta Scholarship funds for spring 2023.
  • You have an eligible expense caused by a recent unexpected event that occurred no sooner than August 1, 2022such as loss of job, reduced work hours, loss of housing, a new health issue, or other unanticipated events.
  • You did not receive a fall 2022 emergency grant.
    • Scholars are eligible for one emergency grant per academic year.

How do I apply?

  1. Review eligibility.
  2. Gather documents needed for application including:
  • Spring 2023 class schedule
    • Must show current semester, your name, and your school’s name
  • Expense document (e.g., utility bills, lease agreements, billing statements, receipts etc.)*

*All bills must include the amount owed and your name or address; lease agreements or housing receipts are required for rent-related expenses.

     3. Click here to apply.

Eligible Expenses:
  • Off-Campus Housing (only where the Scholar resides, including where s/he resides with family or friends)
  • Childcare (for the Scholar’s dependent)
  • Transportation (for school or work)
  • Moving (storage, retrieval of belongings, moving truck rental)
  • Medical/Dental
  • Internet or hot spots
  • Utilities (for students facing disconnection of service)
Non-Eligible Expenses:
  • Tuition and fees
  • Study abroad travel or non-essential transportation
  • Extra spending money not associated with a specific expense
  • Technology
  • Cell phones
  • Food

Don’t Let Financial Troubles Derail Your Dream.


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How Does it Work?

Applications are reviewed as soon as possible. We aim to provide you an update within 72 business hours. Please note we may need additional information from you. Please respond to requests promptly to not delay the review of your application.

Once your application is approved and banking information is received, funds can be transferred within 24 hours.

The maximum grant is $500.

Most approved funds are paid electronically.

We require documentation confirming the amount of your expense(s). Examples of documents to provide include lease agreements, vendor invoices, bills, receipts, etc. Lack of documentation when applying will delay the review process and may result in a denied application.

For more information about emergency grants, including application statuses, contact Scholarship America directly at: