Miscellaneous Resources

If you and your family are facing difficult decisions, a few community organizations would like to help. Your family’s health is your first priority during this time; making sure they have plenty of healthy food is a huge part of that. As soon as you think you might need some help, we would like to encourage you to reach out to us. With the help of our community partners, we are here for you in several ways:

  • Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation provides legal aid for survivors of intimate partner abuse, children in high-conflict custody disputes, tenants in disputes with their landlords, employees denied their wages, and people who have recently lost a family member.
  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) – Atlanta Branch is an agency that provides advocacy groups, discrimination assistance, and vote drives to minority group citizens of the United States.
  • Forever Free Outreach Ministries, Inc provides anger management, a recovery residence for males and females 18 and above with substance abuse issues, and transitional housing for veterans. Rent is a straight monthly fee plus an intake fee; the maximum stay is one year. 
  • Breakthru House, Inc. is an agency that offers a long-term residential program for women aged 18 and older who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.