Emergency Grants for Achieve Atlanta Scholars

The application is currently closed and will reopen in the fall.

What can the Achieve Atlanta Emergency Grant Cover?

The current emergency grant fund will cover unexpected financial emergencies that potentially impact a student’s ability to stay enrolled in school or emergency expenses incurred due to COVID-19 response and loss of employment. Travel back home, child care, transportation, immediate medical, and housing costs may be eligible for grant assistance.

Am I Eligible?

You are eligible if you are an Achieve Atlanta Scholar and are receiving scholarship funds in the spring 2020 term or you have a Beyond 12 coach. If you have already received an Achieve Atlanta emergency grant for spring 2020 you are not eligible to apply for an additional grant. If you have been denied an emergency grant this year, you are eligible to apply as soon as a new emergency expense arises.

How do I apply?

Review the eligible expenses below. If you have one or more financial emergencies included in the list, gather receipts or estimated expenses before you start the application. This will help ensure your application is reviewed and processed quickly. Once you have gathered all the documents or information needed to show your estimated need, click on the blue apply button below.

Eligible Expenses:

  Home (Rent)


  Transportation (To move home, retrieve belongings, or travel for work)

  Utilities (Phone and internet only)

  Medical (Immediate needs)

Technology/Books/Supplies for Online Learning

Food (If community resources are not available; please explain in your application)

Non-Eligible Expenses:

   Tuition and fees

  Study abroad travel or non-essential transportation

Extra spending money not associated with a specific expense

How Does It Work?

How fast can I receive the grant?

Decisions for all applications are made as soon as possible. Due to the nature of emergency grant requests, we aim to provide you an answer within 72 hours (during business hours Monday through Friday), but this may not always be the case. Please note as we review your application, we may need additional information from you. Please respond to all requests for information promptly so as not to delay your application. Note that processing times may take longer in cases where we are missing documentation, missing payment information, or electronic payment is not available.
What’s the grant maximum?
The maximum grant is $500.
How is the money provided?
We prefer to send the payments directly to your vendor (a repair shop, hospital, etc.). But in certain circumstances, the money can come to you first or be provided as a reimbursement. Be sure to clarify your unique need in the application.

For more information about emergency grants, including application statuses, use the contact information below:

Phone: 1-800-248-8080

Email: emergencygrants@scholarshipamerica.org