Better FAFSA Resources


  • FAFSA OPEN DATE: December 2023 
  • CAT Google folder
    • Here you can find APS-specific resources. You can find event flyers, resources on FAFSA and applications, training materials, and more in the General Information Folder. You can see information specific to your school’s CAT in your individual school folders.
  • uAspire Partner Portal
    •  Use this site to ask your most pressing FAFSA or Financial Aid questions and have them answered by the experts at uAspire, access student-facing resources, review policy updates, and more.
  • FAFSA Completion Grants
    • These grants are meant to support school-based FAFSA events. No need to applyall APS high schools will receive funds!

Up-to-Date Information, Resources, & Tools

  • NCAN: Better FAFSA Training Toolkit
    • A toolkit containing tools covering all things FAFSAincluding fact sheets, infographics, how-to articles, and webinars!
  • uAspire: News & Events
    • Provides a list of free trainings and blogs for practitioners and students with topics such as preparing for the Better FAFSA and FAFSA follow-up. 
  • Office of Federal Student Aid (FSA): FAFSA Simplification
    • Provides resources for practitioners to use to communicate with students and families about what to anticipate with Better FAFSA and how to navigate the changes.