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Student Panel at NCAN 2022 Confronts U.S. Affordability Crisis

By Bill DeBaun, National College Attainment Network

“We want to get to a place where we’re helping students to thrive through college, not just survive through college,” said Zenani Johnson in Atlanta, GA this morning at NCAN’s 2022 national conference.

Her remarks were part of a plenary session titled “Advancing Access to Financial Aid” that featured three college students served by NCAN members talking about the real-life implications of federal, state, and institutional aid programs.

Johnson was joined by Kaila Pouncy, a student at the University of Alabama and participant with NCAN member Alabama Possible and Morgan Forbes, an Achieve Atlanta Scholar at Spelman College. The panel was moderated by Naomi Harris, national higher education reporter for Open Campus Media.

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