Our Vision for Scholar Night 2024 is to celebrate students and enculturate them into the Achieve Atlanta community, resulting in a foundation that supports a sense of belonging and identity as a Scholar throughout their collegiate journey.
This year’s Scholar Night events took place on April 30th and May 8th. Scroll down to see a recording of the event, photos, and answers to frequently asked questions from last year.
Click below to see photos from each event:
April 30 photos
May 8 photos

2024 General Scholar Night Session Recording


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"Thank you for giving me an opportunity and a chance to advance. The monetary support and social connections

Achieve Atlanta has given me beneficially altered my life forever!"

"Thank you for giving me an opportunity and a chance to advance. The monetary support and social connections Achieve Atlanta has given me beneficially altered my life forever!"

Amari, Achieve Atlanta Graduate ‘21


All those invited to Scholar Night have been confirmed for most Scholarship eligibility requirements.

To remain eligible and officially accept your scholarship, you will be asked to complete the items below by the start of fall 2024 term:

  1. Provide a valid copy of your FAFSA Submission Summary (FSS) to confirm your SAI is 15K or below;
  2. Attend an Achieve Atlanta-eligible institution;
  3. Complete the Achieve Atlanta Fall Update Application. This will be emailed to you on June 13, 2024; and
  4. Enroll in college as a full-time student in the fall 2024 term.

The schools that you listed on your Initial Application do not determine where we’ll send your scholarship check. You will be emailed the Fall Update Application in mid-June where you will be required to provide proof of enrollment for the institution you’ve chosen to attend. We will send your scholarship check to this institution. If you need to switch schools after completing your Fall Update Application, please email us as soon as possible.

We require all Achieve Atlanta Scholars to enroll full-time at an eligible college/university by the fall semester after high school graduate. If you choose to take a gap year or wait to start college, you will forfeit your scholarship.

We do offer an appeals process for qualified students who facing extenuating circumstances that are impacting their college enrollment. Please note that submission of an appeal does not guarantee approval. You can email or call 404-880-3500 to request an appeal application.

If you are admitted for the spring term, you can request an appeal application from Achieve Atlanta by emailing us. In this appeal application, you will be required to explain why you are not enrolling seamlessly (immediately after graduation in the fall) and provide documentation confirming your spring admittance. Please note that submission of an appeal application does not guarantee approval.

Achieve Atlanta Scholarships may not be used to pay for summer terms. Your first check will be sent directly to your school and will be applied to the fall 2024 term. We recommend you speak with your school’s financial aid office about summer term financial aid options.

Due to changes in eligibility criteria in 2021, the Achieve Atlanta Scholarship cannot be used at Atlanta Metropolitan State College (AMSC).

We currently provide additional coaching support to Achieve Atlanta students attending out-of-state institutions on a limited basis and, therefore, must rely on the schools’ history of graduating students. Coaching for out-of-state students is currently offered on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be able indicate your interest in receiving coaching on the Fall Update Application.

If you later transfer to a 4-year institution your Scholarship will increase to $5,000 per year if you have remaining eligibility.

While enrolled in a 2-year program, you can receive $750 per term for up to a maximum of 2 years (4 terms) of school. The funds must be used within 3 years of your high school graduation. When you transfer to a 4-year program, your award will be increased to $2,500 per term for up to a maximum of 4 years (8 terms) of school. Your eligibility window will be extended to 5 years from your high school graduation.

Please note that the your count of funded terms and time eligibility window does not reset when you transfer. Your time eligibility starts when you graduate from high school, and all funded terms will be counted regardless of award amount.

No. The 4-year award is only available to be used a total of 8 terms or 4 years.

We begin to mail Scholarship checks in early July and will continue through mid-fall. We encourage you to complete the Fall Update Application promptly when you receive it in mid-June to ensure your check is processed early to meet your billing deadlines.

We will send one payment in the fall and one payment in the spring for qualified students. If you wish to have part of your fall or spring payments disbursed to your winter balance, please work with your school directly.

If your home institution is sponsoring the study abroad program, you likely can use your Scholarship for that term. Every study abroad program is different, however. Please email us or call 404-880-3500 to discuss your study abroad plans in advance so that we can ensure the Scholarship is applied appropriately.

Scholars will receive emails and text messages with the most recent information on upcoming application renewal dates. In general, the Scholarship is renewed at the end of every term and checks are mailed shortly after you submit your renewal applications.