A Message to Achieve Atlanta Scholars


Achieve Atlanta Scholars,

For the last few days I have been grieving for George Floyd, who was murdered in broad daylight by a police officer. I also grieve for countless other Black people whose lives have been unjustly terminated because of their race. I grieve for those who continue to be persecuted because of their religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, or immigration status. I grieve that our country has not lived up to its promise or potential. I grieve for all we have lost and will continue to lose due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I know that you are all grappling with these continued injustices and processing in your own way. I wanted to take a moment to say that I walk with you in your pain. Achieve Atlanta exists to remove barriers caused by systemic racism and we unequivocally condemn racism and police brutality. We stand behind you and know that you are our best hope for a better tomorrow.

For those of you who choose to participate in protests in the days ahead, I want to tell you what I’ve been telling my own children:

Wear a mask. If you see the threat of violence or destruction, move away. Don’t let the emotions of the moment override your principles. I’m proud of you.

With love,

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