Congratulations to the Class of 2023!

We’ve created this special webpage with important information on your Scholarship and other resources to ensure your smooth transition to college.

Welcome, Scholars!

As an ACHIEVE ATLANTA SCHOLAR, you are part of a growing community of APS alumni who have bold visions for their lives and have chosen higher education as their next step in making those visions real.

Now that you’ve qualified for the Achieve Atlanta Scholarship, there are a few more steps that you must take to remain eligible and officially accept your scholarship.


Our scholarship does have restrictions on which institutions you can use our funds to attend. If you choose to attend an ineligible institution, you will forfeit your scholarship. You will confirm your college choice – whether eligible or ineligible – by completing the Fall Update Application.


We emailed the application to you on June 15th. You’ll need to upload your acceptance letter/course schedule and student ID number for the college you’ve chosen to attend. After you complete the application, we will verify that you’re attending an eligible institution and send your scholarship check.

You must complete the Fall Update Application to officially accept your scholarship. You will forfeit your scholarship if you do not complete the Fall Update Application by the final deadline.


If you do not enroll in college by next fall, you will permanently forfeit the scholarship. We expect our Scholars to enroll full-time (usually 12+ credit hours) each semester while they’re in college.

As an Achieve Atlanta Scholar, you will have to renew your scholarship every semester. Check out this helpful timeline of key scholarship steps through your first year of college to help you stay on track! Check out these FAQs for more information to know as an Achieve Atlanta Scholar. 


  1. You’re required to submit your final high school transcript to the college or university you’ve chosen to attend. Click here for a step-by-step guide to submit a request to send your high school transcript to your institution. 
  2. This postsecondary enrollment checklist can help keep you on track for a smooth transition from high school to college. From accepting financial aid to applying for housing, this resource includes tips and resources to help you complete these key milestones. 
  3. Pathways to Persistence is a collection of resources to help you to be successful in college. It includes guidance on working with faculty members, mastering time management, finding support on campus, and so much more! 
  4. Still confused about the cost of college? Use the DecidED tool to help you understand your financial aid award offer and make an affordable college choice.
  5. You can also view DecidED’s student guides to learn about different ways to pay for college and budget for your expenses as a college student.